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All payments are made on the secure environment of Adyen. Adyen is one of the largest online payment providers in which payment convenience is high priority.

Justathlete is also affiliated with the Dutch label Qshops.

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What cookies does Justathlete places?

The websites from Athlete B.V. (Justathlete) places the following cookies:

Functional cookies

Functional Cookies are only used to make shopping at Justathlete as easy as possible for you.

This cookie is used to save data from sessions during website visits. The advantage for you as a user of the website is that you won’t have to fill out your details every time you visit our website or if the page is reloaded during a session.

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This cookie makes sure that the products you have placed in your shopping basket during your website visit remain in your basket, even if you decide to leave the website. The advantage for you as a website user is that you are quickly able to find these products again, which allows you to complete your order at a later stage.

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Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies are used to analyse your visit to our website. The information is used by us to improve our website and help you improve your user experience.

Google Analytics

All Justathlete websites use Google Analytics, which is a web analyses service offered by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies that allows us to perform mandatory text and technical adjustments from the information that we receive regarding your website visit. The information regarding your website’s visit that is being saved by the cookie is generally send to a Google server in the United States and stored there. If IP-anonymous is active on this website, your IP-address will be shortened by Google if you visit the website from any country that is part of the European Union. Only in exceptional cases it is possible that your IP-address is send to the US servers from Google, and shortened there. To help us as website owners, Google will process the data and monitor your visit to our website. They will create reports about website statistics and usage, so we will be able to perform necessary updates or improvements to our website. The IP-Address that you use will never be used by any other service from Google apart from Google Analytics. You can prevent cookies from being saved by selecting the specific function in your browser’s settings. If you do, please be advised that you may not be able to use all functions of our website. Moreover, you can prevent that the data that is saved by the cookie (including your IP-address) will reach Google by downloading and  installing the special browser-plugin: The data will then be removed and cannot be processed, seen and used by both Google and us as website owners.

Google Adwords

Justathlete uses Google Adwords to advertise. In order for this to function properly, a cookie is placed. This allows us to see what products are being sold on the website. The advantage for you as a visitor to the website is that it can improve our service by analysing the data from that cookie. This could result in improvements such as lower prices and the extension of our product range.


Justathlete uses Facebook to advertise. A cookie is placed to track the products you are looking at during your visit to our website. This way, we can show relevant ads on Facebook. Without this cookie you will see irrelevant ads on Facebook, and you won't see personal offers.

New Relic

To get a clear picture of the website usage and to be able to analyse the website data, we use the web analytics tool New Relic, offered by New Relic, Inc. The cookies from New Relic allow us to see how often our website is being visited and what pages get the most visits. The collected data is processed in statistics and is used by us to measure loading times of the website. For more information about the functionality and data processing by New Relic we kindly refer you to their website.

Terms & conditions

The terms and conditions can be found in the following link: terms and conditions.