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Foam roller The Grid - Orange

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Special Price £24.40

The GRID, developed by Trigger Point Performance, is a versatile and comprehensive foam roller with the unique "Distro Density Zones". These zones consist of arrays with different widths and densities so that each massage can be tailored to your specific needs. Just like a physiotherapist using different parts of the hand in massage treatments, you can vary the pressure that you apply with the roller by making use of different portions of the roller. This makes it possible to apply a customized massage and loosen stiff muscles.

The foam roller The Grid is approximately 32.5 cm long and has a diameter of about 12.7 cm. This makes The Grid portable and easy to carry. The Grid Foam Roller can withstand a load of 500 pounds (about 277 kilograms).


  • "Green" technology:
  • Produced with less foam than conventional foam roller
  • Designed for intensive, heavy duty usage
  • Made of EVA foam
  • Distrodensity Zones:
  • A unique design for a targeted massage
  • Various zones for various applications
  • A more realistic massage because of the Distrodensity Zones
  • A versatile tool for core training:
  • Easy to integrate into your daily workout routines
  • Compact yet very sturdy design, easy to carry
SKU AS483005
Barcode 3700006350006
Color Orange
Brand Triggerpoint
Model The Grid
Weight (kg) 1.0000
Sport Fitness
Diameter 13 cm

Additional Information

This foam roller - considered the Rolls Royce among foam rollers - is suitable for athletes of all levels: for runners, yoga enthusiasts and anyone with an active lifestyle. It is the perfect tool for Self Myofascial Release, self massage to improve the muscle quality, mobility and flexibility.

In addition to massage the foam roller can be used to carry out a number of exercises, making it an excellent aid in improving stability and strength.

What are trigger points?
Trigger Point are small knots that occur in the muscles due to overload or injuries. These hard spots, also called nodes, are very (pressure) sensitive and can lead to other symptoms like neck pain, headaches, pain in the lower back, tennis elbows and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Self Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy (abbreviation SMR = Self Myofascial Release) is used to relieve pain by stretching and applying pressure to these trigger points. The use of SMR ensures that the sore spots are less sensitive and tense, so that the problems that are a result of trigger points will disappear as well. Additionally, SMR also has a positive effect on your mobility and muscle quality.

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Customer Reviews

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    • 23 February 2016
    • Pros

      • Aids recovery to muscles well


      • Grid could be slightly wider
      This is a good roller if you do high intensity workouts and weight training as the grid really works the muscles out after the gym.