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Bauerfeind produces bandages, ortheses, compression socks and soles. The brand wants to help creating a painless life, even at high ages. If you have pain in your back, shoulders, feet, ankle or knees, then you have come to the right page. The products Bauerfeind offers are meant for both recreational and professional sports persons. Did you know that Bauerfeind has been the official sponsor of the German Olympic Teams since 2001?

Bauerfeind Bandages and Ortheses

Do you have a knee, back, or shoulder that is not well trained or weak because of an (previous) injury? The Bauerfeind bandages & Ortheses will support you during your movement. With the help of these support you can move better. Popular models that can be ordered online at Athleteshop are the MalleoTrain, GenuTrain, EpiTrain and the AchilloTrain.

Bauerfeind Compression Socks

Do you want to sport optimal? Then the Bauerfeind compression sock is an absolute must-have. With the use of this compression sock, you make sure that the blood circulation in your muscle groups is optimal. Besides a better blood circulation, the compression sock from Bauerfeind is also very suitable to absorb shocks for among other things calf muscles.

The Bauerfeind Performance compression sock is a top product in the area of compression socks. You can order two different colours through Athleteshop: black and blue. Besides the colour you can choose between a short or long model.

Bauerfeind Arch Supports & Heel Cushions

Our feet have to endure a lot of kilometres. Therefore, it’s not weird that feet are the most common injuries that physiotherapists get. You can lower the pain by using soles and heel cushions. The soles and cushions from Bauerfeind are suitable for daily life such as work and sports. Let your physiotherapist advice you if you are looking for a specific product. We have several models in our assortment that you order online: ViscoSpot, ErgoPad, ViscoBalance and the ViscoHeel.