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BUFF Headwear & Scarves

BUFF® Headwear & Scarves

BUFF® is specialized in making hats, scarves and balaclavas. BUFF® has the right head covers for all weather conditions. From woollen balaclavas for temperatures below 0 degrees., to summer hats with 98% protection against UV radiation. The most popular products from BUFF® are the multifunctional scarves. The BUFF® original scarves are suitable to keep you warm during colder days, and to keep you cool on warmer days. The BUFF® scarves are very comfortable to wear, because of the breathable, light-weighted and polyester microfiber material.

BUFF® Headwear

The BUFF® Balaclava is available in two different materials. They are made from 100% wool or 100% microfiber. The woollen balaclava is ideal for the winter period and gives an optimal protection against the cold. The microfiber balaclava has an excellent ventilation and air circulation, whereby you will not sweat and nasty smells will be prevented.

The pro hats from BUFF® are suitable for every situation. Because the hats are irreversible, foldable and adjustable you are always able to choose the hat that suits you the most. A BUFF® pro hat offers 98% protection against UV radiation and is made from breathing, sweat-absorbing material. This makes them ideal for the summer period. They are also good to use in the rain, as they are made of 100% polyester microfiber fastwick material. This material drains water away and dries fast. Because the buff pro pet is foldable, you can easily put it in your pocket without causing the hat to lose its shape.


The multifunctional BUFF® original scarves are suitable for every situation. They can be worn as a bandana, shawl, beanie, headband, pirate hat, wristband, mask, balaclava, scarf or hairband. They are cooling in the summer and offer the required protection. BUFF® originals will keep you warm in the winter, and are also designed to drain away rainwater.