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Shimano Cycling and Fishing

Shimano is a Japanese metallurgical company that is specialized in developing, producing and selling parts for cycling, fishing and rowing. Until 2005, Shimano also produced products for golf, but they were unsuccessful in that part of the market. According to Shimano’s CEO, they will continue to help people realizing their dreams by creating a new lifestyle where they are closer to nature. Shimano aims to develop products that will help people to enjoy nature.

Shimano cycling

Due to the increasing awareness for a better environment, cyclists get more attention as it is one of the most environmental friendly method of transportation. Shimano aims to produce high quality and high performing cycling parts, for both professionals and the average bicycle user from all over the world. While developing a bicycle, Shimano pictures that cyclists ride slower so they can enjoy the singing birds and fresh wind even more. Shimano produces easy to use durable bicycle parts with new designs, by staying a step forward on the user’s imagination.

Shimano fishing

Shimano was devoted to improving fishing rods by applying the latest techniques, which turned out that it didn’t work. Instead of looking to the latest techniques, Shimano began to look at a way to increase the fun in fishing with a better rod. As a result, Shimano was able to produce products that attract the attention of fishing people. They don’t just help catching fish, but they also help to enjoy the moment the fish is being caught.